About FailSafe

About FailSafe

The volatile clay “gumbo” soil on which Regina is built is notorious for the damage it can inflict on a structure’s foundation over time. As the soil becomes saturated with water, it expands substantially and can exert significant force on adjacent basement foundations until the soil dries and contracts. This cycle of soil expansion and contraction has caused a notably high rate of basement failure in the Regina Area.

In May 2006, a house collapsed in Regina that had been lifted on wood cribbing for purposes of a basement replacement. The failure of the house lifting equipment being used in the project nearly injured the people working underneath, left the house beyond repair, and left the homeowners reeling in financial uncertainty.

This incident spurred Monty Wensel to develop a more secure method of lifting houses and suspending them for the purposes of construction. Wensel developed the 1st generation model of the ATLAS House Lifting System over the summer of 2006 and it immediately went to work lifting houses over the winter of that same year. house lift


house liftThe innovation of the ATLAS House Lifting System led Monty Wensel & his brother Cameron Wensel to establish Failsafe House Lifting Systems Inc. in 2008 in Regina Saskatchewan. Over 200 houses lifted later, the family owned and operated company has emerged as an industry leader in the fields of house lifting services, permanently installed house lifting systems, basement replacement services, specialty foundation repair solutions, house straightening, and the design and manufacture of house lifting equipment.

As developers of the patented ATLAS House Lifting System, now in it’s 5th generation of refinement, Failsafe continues to expand its equipment manufacturing & equipment rental division. This growth is in order to service the needs of house lifting & foundation contractors who seek to utilize superior equipment, while meeting the forever increasing demand for house lifting services.

Reasons why a house may need to be lifted include; replacing a failing basement or foundation system, to add a 1-story addition beneath a house, as part of structural move, in response to issues stemming from flooding or extreme weather, in response to issues stemming from seismic activity.

Nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system.

Fail Safe has done a number of projects in Regina for both my clients and myself over the past five years and I recommended them to a number of my neighbours at Crooked Lake after the 2014 flood. I have been in the construction/project management business for 40 years and seen many house lifting systems and processes but nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system. And they are a very professional outfit to work with.

~ Mark Crawford / Dec 2016




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