Other Services

Other Services

In addition to house lifting and basement replacement, FailSafe offers a range of other construction services related to structural lifting and foundation repair and replacement.

Main Story Additions

In the event where a homeowner requires more usable living space and is faced with restrictions due to the limited size of their property, lifting the house and adding a main story addition is sometimes decided upon as being the most viable option.

If the foundation is deemed to still be structurally sound upon lifting the house, a main floor addition can be built on top of the existing foundation. If it is deemed to not be structurally sound it will require removal and replacement. After the completion of a new foundation a main story addition can then be constructed on top, with the original house being set down and attached to the new walls.

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Concrete Grade Beams & Footings

We have extensive experience in all manners of foundation construction. Regardless of whether or not it’s related to a house lift project, we’re available to install concrete grade beams, footings, and friction piles for residential applications.

Permanent Wood Foundations (PWF)

Dependent on the soil type found at the location of a basement replacement or a new home build, permanent wood foundations offer an alternative to standard concrete form foundations or insulated concrete form construction. We provide options for permanent wood foundations that vary from the construction of crawl spaces to full height basements.

Heightening crawl spaces by lifting the house and installing a permanent wood foundation on a concrete spread footing is often a cost effective alternative to full concrete grade beam construction.

House Straightening

In instances where the foundation of a house has shifted but isn’t structurally compromised, we can level the main structure of the house from the top of the foundation up.

By temporarily installing an internal lift system to raise the house to a level position, we can reset the house’s main story floor system to a constant plane from front to back and from side to side.

After the leveling has been completed, wood shimming or concrete grout is wedged into the emergent gap in between the foundation and floor system of the house. After this, the house is fastened back down to the foundation.

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Detached Garage Slab Replacement

Concrete floor slabs in detached garages often require replacement once they have heaved, cracked, and deteriorated beyond repair. We are available to temporarily lift the garage, demolish and remove the existing concrete floor slab, install a new reinforced concrete floor slab, and set down and reattach the garage to the newly installed slab.

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Attached Porch Straightening

Porches with insufficient structural support will often sag which can result in; broken windows, cracked finishes, and non-closing doors. With the installation of a steel beam(s) perpendicular to the porch floor joists, and high-capacity adjustment jacks on reinforced concrete pads, the porch can be raised to a level position. Future straightening adjustments may be made if required.

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Nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system.

Fail Safe has done a number of projects in Regina for both my clients and myself over the past five years and I recommended them to a number of my neighbours at Crooked Lake after the 2014 flood. I have been in the construction/project management business for 40 years and seen many house lifting systems and processes but nothing compares to the safety, accessibility and timesaving provided by the Atlas lifting system. And they are a very professional outfit to work with.

~ Mark Crawford / Dec 2016




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